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-The End-

Here I am sitting in front of my lappy waiting for someone to fetch me…

While waiting an idea came which is to make this entry….

Actually this entry is a kind of appreciation to Dr.Rosseni and to all my coursemate….

Sepanjang semester nie, walaupun kita jarang berjumpa di dalam kelas tapi kita selalu berjumpa di alam maya… =)

Thanks to Dr.Rosseni because giving us chance to know the world of WORDPRESS… =)

I know my works were not perfect… Hand in all the assignments after the due date and for that I’m asking for forgiveness from you my dearest Dr. Rosseni… =(

And to all my friend especially my group for video editing, we did our best for our video…. We still learning but yet we can make a superb video…! Congratulations !

Anyway, all THE BEST for our coming exam… Do THE BEST because we know we are THE BEST ! =)

When I first look at the slide show, my impression was “Haaaa??!!! Teknologi Pendidikan  pun belajar Fizik ke ?”

Because I saw the wave thingy and that’s make me recalled what is sound in physics term… Hahahahahaha

Hmmm…. From what Ive read, actually I don’t really understand what is sound actually… How to differentiate it with each other..

But, for me to understand more on this topic I’ll googling some notes on sounds and what suits each sound with another elements…

-The End-

Okay… This is my favorite part !

We were asko to choose either

1. Poster

2. Book Cover


3. Pamplet

for our reflection this week…

So, I decided to make a BOOK COVER

Here it is… Tadaaaa !!!!

Dr. Rosseni did gave some links for us to use to edit the picture… But I kinda like more comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and Photoscape… So for this book cover,  I combined both Adobe and Photoscape…

I use my friend’s picture for this book cover…

The picture was taken on the way to Sandakan, Sabah…

Why I choose that picture because I want to make my cover book base on the title of  “Journey To Sandakan”

Hehehehehehe…. So enjoy the picture… =)

Firstly, saya nak minta maaf sangat kat Dr.Rosseni sebab baru submit kerja saya sekarang…

This is because I have problem with my laptop… Screen problem… Huhuhuhu

Hopefully you still accept my work… Please… =(

Okay… Let’s continue… What do you understand about video editing ???

From the google search I made, VIDEO EDITING IS

Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video footage, special effects and sound recordings. Motion picture film editing is a predecessor to video editing and, in several ways, video editing simulates motion picture film editing, in theory and the use of non-linear and linear editing systems.

Haaa… Cakap pasal video editing nie… Saya ada pengalaman edit video then disebabkan saya tak plug in charger, my laptop out of battery then my laptop mati… And you know what it means… All my work on the video editing hilang and I have to redo..

So, the moral of the story is please save your work first just in case anything unpredictable happened…

That’s all… Bye2.. =)

Information Skill Process ??? Huh ??? Apa tue ??? Tak faham….

LOL ! Kalau tak faham tue baca la nota yang diberi… Muahahaha !

Xpe la… Meh cnie saya tolong expalin sikit2… Ermmm… Mengikut apa yang saya faham….Information Skill Process nie ada 8 tahap….

8 tahap tersebut ialah :

1. Defining tasks/goals

2. Locating

3. Evaluating

4. Selecting

5. Developing

6. Organising

7. Presenting

8. Reflecting

Wahhhh… Banyaknyer proses… Nampak macam susah tapi sebenarnya tak…

Sedar atau pun tak sebenarnya proses nie memang berlaku dalm kehidupan harian kita…

Sama la macam saya tengah buat sekarang… Maksud ???

Maksudnya …. Buat refleksi ini kena la lalu semua 8 tahap yang saya senaraikan…

Tak caye ??? Cube try… Hee~~

Before we start… Saya nak kongsi a few pictures with you guys… =)


Haaaa… Semua nie kawan saya yang amek… Nama dia Azmeerul… =)

Photography nie kalau kita nak citer satu2 sangat panjang.. Rasanyer cukuplah kalau kita tahu basic photography nie cmne….  Minat pun penting kalau nak amek gambar yang boobastic di mata orang… =)

Sebelum saya mula memberi ulasan ( cewah… macam pembaca berita pula kan…? hahaha )…

First of all saya nak minta maaf kat Dr. Rosseni sebab dah lama tak update blog nie… Huhuhu


Okay2… Jom kita start… Hmmmmm ??? Apa yang saya faham tentang media nie… Before baca nota yan diber bagi saya media nie unsur2 seperti gambar, video and so on…. Tapi bila dah baca definisi nie ” sesuatu yang dapat digunakan untuk menyalurkan pesanan pengirim kepada penerima sehingga dapat merangsang fikiran, perasaan, minat serta perhatian pelajar seterusnya terjadi proses pembelajaran” then it makes me think.. Owh… Nie ke maksudnyer… Hehehehehehe


In other words, media nie salah satu bahan bantu mengajar yang dapat digunakan untuk membantu proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran… =)


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